THURSDAY March 28th 2019, 10.15-16.30


In cooperation with the AG KINDERFILM

An event for producers and film promoters at the film festival Zoomz 2019.

Does it always have to be well-known bestsellers such as "Heidi" and "Schellenursli" which are offered to the younger generation? Other European countries prove that new, original and contemporary stories aimed at children find their audience. So why not develop and produce more films like this in Switzerland? Based on the experience of our European colleagues, Film Funders as well as Producers discuss how more original children’s films can be produced in Switzerland.

Where and when

Thursday, March 28th, 2019 in Lucerne

The location will be announced after registration.


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Welcome (Zoomz, AG Kinderfilm)

Input: How do you define a children’s film? Attempt at a definition

Rüdiger Hillmer, script consultant for film and television, with a focus on children's films, Germany

Perspective of the funders

What is special about the development of children's film projects? How can funding agencies assess the quality and potential of stories for children?

Signe Zeilich-Jensen, Film Consultant Children & Family Film, Holland


Perspective of the producers

What are the stumbling blocks of the producers in the development of children's films?

Dries Phlypo, producer at A Private View, Belgium


What needs to be done to encourage the production of children's films in Switzerland?

With Izabela Rieben (Radio Télévision Suisse) and Stefan Jäger (Tellfilm)

End of the event


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Participation is free.
This event is supported by the Cultural Fund SUISSIMAGE.

Registration until the 28th February 2019 at

The following people have already confirmed their participation.

Nadine Alder (Migros Kulturprozent)
Albin Bieri (Kulturförderung Kanton Luzern)
Lynn Gerlach (Kuratorium Kanton Solothurn)
Hannes Gut (Kuratorium Kanton Aargau)
Prof. Jürgen Haas (HSLU Design & Kunst, Animation)
Jolanda Herradi (SSA)
Esther Hüngerbühler (Kulturförderung Kanton St. Gallen)
Stefan Jäger (Produzent Tellfilm)
Simon König (Abteilung Kultur Kanton Basel-Stadt)
Corinna Marschall (Media Desk Switzerland)
Tamara Mattle (SRG SSR)
Carola Stern (Focal)